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Home Craft & Art Products Acrylic paints Maestro Pan Acrylic paint Acrylic paint Maestro Pan - 214 Green Earth Deep

Acrylic paint Maestro Pan - 214 Green Earth Deep

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Acrylics "Maestro Pan" are manufactured with 100% pure pigment and acrylic emulsion without the addition of fillers, which is the reason for the extreme brightness and brilliant colors of the "INTENSIVE" series. There are 84 colors in 45 ml tubes and 200 ml jars. They belong to the ultra-fine art paints class, they are ground to colloidal state and the size of the pigment is less than two microns.

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Acrylic paint differs significantly from the oil paint. To begin with the fact that it is diluted with water, not with White spirit or turpentine, as the oil paint. If your technique uses velatures or if you want the acrylics to be highly diluted for the coloring of large surfaces, we advise you, instead of using water, to use acrylic working medium in order not to reduce the adhesive ability of the paint.

After work, brushes and painting tools are washed with water. You can work with acrylic paint on any surface: canvas, cardboard, wood, stone, glass and others. Acrylics dry quickly from 10, 20 minutes up to an hour, depending on the surface, the thickness of the paint layer and the ambient temperature. Correction time is short. It is possible for a correction to be made with oil paint on acrylic paint. Maestro Pan "INTENSIVE" Acrylics have the same texture as oil paints and the manner of work can be quite similar to the manner of painting with oil paint. Indeed, after drying both oils and acrylics obtain insoluble film. But while with oil paints it darkens and becomes harder and fragile over the years, the film formed upon drying of acrylic paint is clear and does not change. The only change is done during the process of drying of the acrylic paints – the colours become slightly darker. This happens because the acrylic emulsion in the paint passes from a milk-white color to transparent upon drying. For adjustment of the properties of the acrylic paint you can use acrylic inhibitor - in appropriate quantities in order to extend the drying time of the paint and so that the paint can be worked on longer. Acrylic paints can be combined with acrylic gels and structural pastes. To prevent the drawing from pollution, to achieve gloss or equal satin radiance of the colors in the painting, it is good to apply suitable finishing acrylic varnishes.